The Process

Kavanagh Construction utilizes many tools to provide an innovative final product to our client. Through conscientious work, in the field and in the office, we continue a process of improvement and education. We organize regular and meaningful communication that keeps you in control. You know what to expect at all times. Your  team is kept up to date. Project tasks and design inquiries are scheduled together to allow for the best use of time and to keep the project moving forward efficiently.

The Kavanagh Construction office implements the Microsoft Suite to develop and track budgets as well as create schedules with Microsoft Project. All invoices are sent out through QuickBooks for clear and concise billings to the client. The AutoCAD suite is administered for electronic takeoffs, and shop drawings. All jobsites have high speed wireless internet installed to use electronic communications between Owners, Architects and Sub Contractors.

While we have always had good relationships with our talented local architects we welcome clients with out of state design teams. We have worked with architects from San Francisco to Boston and many places in between. Our high tech environment allows every opportunity for great communication, problem solving and massaging of details.

Intricate knowledge of surrounding City ordinances as well as Blaine County ordinances produces an efficient timeline between application process and issuance of a building permit.