Meet Our Team

Dennis Kavanagh is the founder and principal of Kavanagh Construction. He moved to Idaho in 1976 after completing his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland. Through his years as a carpenter, teacher of construction technology and as a partner with PGO Development, he emphasizes the implementation of innovative and cost-effective building solutions. He brings 38 years of onsite enthusiasm, integrity and knowledge to each potential client and project.

Michael Muir is our project manager who brings 30 years of in-depth construction expertise, passion and assured determination. Michael coordinates the jobsite, authors all the demanding and tricky installations and maintains regular and meaningful communication between the Architect, Owner and Subcontractors.

Chris Page is our on-site project superintendent and brings rigor and clarity to each project. For 24 years, Chris has been responsible for maintaining subcontractor quality levels with regards to their material and construction specifications all within strict timetables.

Ray Gustafson is Kavanagh Construction’s cabinet and furniture making subsidiaries superintendent. Ray provides original, sleek components that are fundamental to our clients’ goals and our finished product. His 40 years of experience wholly integrates with Kavanagh Construction’s core capabilities, construction management and hands-on expertise.

Erik Tiles is the estimator and brings a multidisciplinary background incorporating a degree in Architecture to introduce innovative programs for budgeting, scheduling, up-to-date budget tracking and implementation of change orders. With 10 years of Architecture & Construction experience he brings youth and vitality to an evolving construction landscape.